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Published: 30th March 2012
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As well as other people within the market, we've long been closely monitoring the when and where we thought HTC would introduce their quad-core revolutionary phone of the year - the HTC One X.

The HTC One X has many great features going for it, such as the newest Android 4.0 OS when using the recent release of the HTC Sense Interface. The HTC One X just has three touch buttons in the front and any other functions appear onscreen included in the gui.

So, everybody knows that the HTC One X is truly a massively powerful piece of equipment on account of the quad-core processor chip but, precisely what does the quad-core really do?

As well as Bluetooth 4.0, you will find a generous 32GB harddrive, on the other hand There's no place for your memory. Though as you may discover, it really is these days the focus is on and HTC grant 25 GB of online storage without charge for two years.

Not surprisingly it's not just the seriously powerful quad-core processor that's the only fantastic aspect regarding the HTC One X, there are many other amazing attributes that make this handset stand out however the quad-core is certainly the big champion. It also comes with the new Android operating system, the Ice Cream Sandwich already loaded and ready to go. So what more does the HTC One X bring with it?

The 1.5 Megahertz quad-core processor chip is the centre within the HTC One X, however it does come with 32 GB of built in storage space and 1GB of Random Access Memory. You will also be supplied with 25GB of storage space in the cloud for 2 years, giving you the capability to save and share your documents. The micro SD card doesn't have a great deal of storage space however the extra given cloud storage more than makes up for that.

First of all it features a monstrous 8MP rear-facing, autofocus camera with LED flash and 1080p High-definition video footage recording, you can also capture photos whilst filming videos. It even comes with a 1.3MP front-facing digital camera for those all-important video calls. The front-facing camera is 1.3MP making certain that video phone calls captures perfect quality.

The full capacitive touchscreen is a giant 4.7inch with PUREVIEW technologies supplying an enormous 23% extra pixels than what an AMOLED touchscreen could deliver. If you tilt the display screen, any reflectivity or glare from light you can frequently get is lowered as a result of optical lamination, providing you with an increased contrast in vision. The display screen is encased in a polycarbonate case measuring a large 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm helping the ch_client = "articlealley"; ch_width = 675; ch_height = 200; ch_sid = "Article Alley Articles North MPU"; ch_cid = "north"; ch_type = "mpu"; ch_hq = 1;
" title="HTC One X">HTC One X
advance closer towards being comparable to a tablet device whilst preserving the look and feel with regards to a mobile. It's extremely light weighing in at only 130 grams.

The HTC One X equally delivers in relation to entertainment with the reputable Dr Dre's Beats Audio incorporated in the phone. Movies are played in remarkable 1080p quality and 720p due to the wireless HDMI capabilities, additionally it enables you to project your content using your television by using a wireless media link.

We just can't state to be able to give you the newest specifics of prices or availability, even so we have traditionally experienced mobile phones introduced at the Mobile World Congress readily on sale in shops about 1 month to six weeks right after - which means you will be able to shop for a HTC One X early in April. Phones 4U prices on the HTC One X is placed at ?470.00 once forking out for it in full but on a payment plan, the handset is going to be ?31.00 a month with Vodafone or T-Mobile. We think the selling price is a lot more than fair if you like this magnificent Cellphone, just do it, bag yourself a bargain.

The 1,800 mAh battery should really be plentiful as a result of the way the quad-core processor chip will save on power. HTC have used Apple's suit as the battery can't be taken off the rear of the handset, this is one of the biggest issues from HTC consumers who were previously accustomed to doing this. The HTC One X comes with NFC for all cashless transfers, and Wi-Fi, HSPA, DLNA and Bluetooth as standard.

So there you have it, the HTC One X quad-core chip has arrived. We shall be observing meticulously to watch what " title-"HTC One X deals">HTC One X deals become available and what impact this brand new technology has on the mobile industry to see exactly how many people make the decision to follow.

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